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Why choose us?

We are globally minded company that is a member of the European Space Agency. We are a Natural Resources Canada (NRCAN) funded group that builds programs to ensure clear monitoring of sustainable resources. We work closely in co-creation relationships with universities and government to ensure all interests are evaluated and engaged. 

Ask us how we protect agriculture, community, life from wildfire risks and how we are currently assisting with international species relocation efforts.

Our focus at Memphis Group / Labs is to look toward earth utilizing satellites, aerial visualizations and various remote sensing tools whose main focus is providing environmental data. This data will allow us to create easy to recognize mapping and we will continue to provide strategies to monitor environmental risks such as drought, wildfire and ecological species concerns.


Intelligent Environmental Monitoring

Our goal is to inform national partners, provincial, state, regional, municipal, parks and corporate stakeholders about their environmental exposure risks. We achieve this through well established scientific techniques. These techniques include Artificial Intelligent – Machine Learning strategies and up to date data evaluation. 

  • Earth Observation

  • Environmental Strategic Monitoring Solutions
  • Satellite – Aerial – Ground Validation

    We monitor multiple Satellite Constellations for our environmental monitoring projection assessments.

    Our approach

    Pre-Application Satellite Image

       Public Resource    100m X 100m

    The public resource has very little detail and doesn’t allow for an accurate assessment.

         Memphis Group       0.5m X 0.5m

    The Memphis Group algorithm is far more detailed resulting in a efficient and accurate assessment.

    “To know that we know what we know, and to know that we do not know what we do not know, that is true knowledge.”

    Nicolaus Copernicus, Astronomer

    Memphis Group Deliverables

    • GIS satellite algorithm databases – Machine learning data tools
    • CFFDRS development strategies
    • Wildfire Mitigation Strategies
    • Environmental Monitoring for remediation or replanting solutions
    • Fire Smart treatment application report recommendations or planning

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