We’re an organization that I feel is conscious of our diversity. We are inclusive and have always been aware that the greatest ideas are only great if they are shared and heard. Though we utilize Artificial Intelligent Machine Learning in our work, we haven’t yet required a great deal of Robotics. However, this holiday season I was away and made friends with ‘Pricilla’. Pricilla was just returning to her home location after delivering items to a customer. Perhaps having Pricilla around the office would make us all a little more human, considering Pricilla shared with me a terrible joke. What’s a Robots favourite song? “Ro-Ro-Ro – your bot”…

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics are creating new workspace. As we utilize machine learning to better understand the data we’re receiving, new ideas and emerging. I’m excited for the new directions our data is steering us.

Ross ‘ML’ Pambrun

Machine Learning Artificial Intelligent Robot