With supervised computer learning techniques, as a team we validate our ‘Earth Observations’ with ground validation that is physically visualized by our environmental team. We may also have a plane fly over to provide high resolution aerial photos of our GPS ground validated locations. Then….we compare those to our multi-spectral satellite images. This folks….is validation.

So….where does the computer ‘AI – Machine Learning’ fit in?

When we plot our ‘data points’ on our grid maps, we need to ‘Validate’ various data sets. (the Physical, the Aerial, the Satellite). Our computers are aware based on the predictive data we have applied to our algorithms and ‘learn’ the landscape. We verify the reports we receive and ensure the highest accuracy.

As our accuracy increases, we can begin to characterize the data as ‘extremely valid & accurate’.

As the world is challenged by drought and temperature changes, this type of environmental classification can assist in protecting communities from wildfire and overland flooding risks.

We’re all on this Earth together folks…. let’s pay attention to what Mother Earth is asking of us.


Ross Pambrun – Environmental Monitoring Aerial Validation