Satellite Earth Observation is transforming how we look at earth and should look at earth.

Here at The Memphis Group we are often asked about how all the new constellations being placed in LEO (Low Earth Orbit) orbit are leading to advancements in Earth Observation.

Many of the new planned constellations, “Starlink and OneWeb” for example are broadband and their focus is on communication and internet connectivity.

Our focus at Memphis Group / Labs is to look toward earth utilizing satellites whose main focus is providing environmental data. This data will allow us to create easy to recognize mapping and we will continue to provide strategies to monitor environmental risks such as drought, wildfire and ecological species concerns.

By 2030, it is estimated that >100,000 satellites will occupy space., a large jump from the ~7000 in space now. As we forge ahead into this new Economic Landscape, we hope all nations will work to focus on protecting the living environment that Mother Nature has unselfishly shared with us all.

So…does that make us Earth Observation Protection Specialists….. ?…….We sure hope it does.

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