A message from the CEO

Ross Pambrun is currently studying Artificial Intelligence – Machine learning and implication for business at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of technology), and Harvard OVPL Cybersecurity – Managing Risk. He recently completed ‘Ethics in A.I.’ through University of Helsinki. His satellite monitoring team focus on cyber innovation mainly in environmental monitoring strategies and solutions. They combine up to date satellite imagery with machine learning to produce sharp resolution multi spectral image reporting. They also provide business conversation and enable corporate partnerships. The Memphis Group has won 2023 Innovation awards for their science in protecting values-at-risk. 

A professional speaker, Ross ‘MEMPHIS’ Pambrun was asked to join the Speakers Bureau of Canada and speaks internationally about Artificial intelligence. From Awareness, application, ethics and bias, Ross is invited to share his presentations and knowledge of the direction of artificial intelligence. As a Métis business leader, Ross also talks about his Indigenous connections through his successful talk, Understanding (?) Indigenous. 

A passion for science, Ross is the Emeritus Chief Science Officer for the Calgary Firefighters Burn Treatment Society and has been with that successful agency for nearly 21 years. A professional Fire Captain for 23 years, his background in science and fire lends well to combining new approaches in the Fire Science of Satellite monitoring.

Previous owner of a successful health corporation, Ross has a background in energy and academic health that compliments his role in developing business relationships within community Infrastructure protection projects & environmental management. His team role in principal development extends into cyber-innovation and software development. His connection within the Indigenous Community has been noted with Entrepreneurship Awards and repeated connections within the business community. Learn more about Ross at “The Squeaky Wheel” that connects him with citizens and community partners.

“I’m very fortunate to bring well educated like-minded team members into every conversation. Our team approach works and our proven science technique is well respected. And really….who doesn’t love talking Satellites and Space?” Ross Pambrun

Ross Pambrun CEO
Ross Pambrun CEOAI / Machine Learning

Certificates and Completions – Recent

Kevin Robb B.SC
Kevin Robb B.SCPrincipal Developer - Director of Innovation
With a diverse background in data management and information technology, Kevin Robb takes pride in making sure to facilitate successful projects in all aspects of data management and analysis. Kevin is trained and certified in structural fire suppression and has approximately 7 years of experience working alongside Wildland Fire Management staff as the Wildland Fuels Inventory Program Coordinator. He works full time as a structural firefighter in Calgary, Alberta and is continually educating himself on recent developments in information technology and web-based application systems. Kevin’s structural suppression, wildland fire, and information management experiences provide a unique blend of skills suitable for a FireSmart Contracts contractor.
Willy Burnett, BA
Willy Burnett, BADirector of Educational Services
Willy is instrumental with developing client educational services. New technology requires new strategies for supporting agencies with program design and location services. Strategic mitigation requires complex planning, Willy works closely with our team and as a client connector to ensure we meet the broad range of educational requirements.